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Day 3

As a gay atheist attending a heteronormative Catholic university, it would not be surprising to proclaim that after the first couple days of my freshmen year, I am having an identity crisis. However, I would like to proclaim exactly the opposite; that I am not having an identity crisis, rather an identity reaffirmation. I am surer now than ever of my sexual orientation and religious ideology. The starkly contrasting culture that surrounds me now illustrates and reaffirms my beliefs, or perhaps I am naïve; but the fire still burns — more brightly than ever — as the blanket which attempts to snuff it out is instead turned to fuel. As I experience the blatant objectification of the female sex by namedly more than a few of my fellow dormmates (such is the way of a fraternity-like living arrangement), I cannot fail to find myself appalled and saddened by the ignorance which still persists at even this level of education. As I comprehend the contents of these objectifications, I find them tritely antisexual and I am heavily reassured of my homosexual tendencies.

I cannot help but find myself critical, almost cynical, by attributing this culture to the single-sex status of the dormitories. Having a co-ed living arrangements would almost certainly extinguish such ignorance immediately; be this merely wishful thinking, because the Catholic way should find this surely unacceptable.